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Security BSides Athens 2017
   bsidesath.gr > Tickets Friday, 19 January 2018  
Security BSides Athens 2017 will use Eventbrite for offering tickets. We are planning to open the tickets on Wednesday, 3/May/2017 @ 12:00pm (EEST) and they will be made available here: TICKETS

The venue is booked for a specific number of attendees. Thus, the tickets will be offered through Eventbrite on a first come, first served basis.

Please note:
• Any students attending the event will need to select/book the "student ticket".
• Any non-students (e.g. InfoSec professionals) will need to select/book the "non-student ticket". (priority will be given to those who register using their work email address).

> Security BSides Athens respects your privacy. Your details used to register for the event will not be disclosed to any third-parties.

Each attendee is allowed to book only 1 ticket. Due to the fact the tickets will be free of charge, you are kindly requested not to abuse this and respect the process, by not booking multiple tickets for yourselves. In order to avoid double bookings, we will review regurarly the booked tickets to ensure there are no double bookings under the same name. (All tickets are named-tickets and non-transferable)

Yes, all tickets will be provided free of charge! However, we will also provide the option for a number of tickets to be given against a symbolic fee (12 Euros). You do not have to pay for a ticket, but by choosing to do so, we will collect this amount in order to donate it to a charity for kids, called:

"The smile of the child" (www.hamogelo.gr)

By downloading the Eventbrite mobile app on your phone it will be a lot easier making sure you have your pre-booked ticket with you on the day.

Use these links to download the Eventbrite application for iOS or Android. By having the Eventbrite mobile app on your phone, there will be no need to print your ticket in advance. There is no need in wasting paper for things which can be done electronically. #goPaperless

Follow @BSidesAth on Twitter and stay tuned for making sure you reserve your seat at the conference in time!

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