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Security BSides Athens 2017
   bsidesath.gr > Venue > Directions Friday, 19 January 2018  
Security BSides Athens 2017 will take place at "The ATHINAIS Cultural center" - ATHINAIS

Kastorias 34-36
10447, Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 34 80 000

The ATHINAIS cultural center is located close to the underground station (a.k.a. Metro) called Kerameikos. See here the Metro map

How to get here:
Airport: At the Athens International Airport (www.aia.gr) you will find buses, taxis and the underground (a.k.a. Metro). The cheapest and more convenient way to get to the venue from the Airport is to use the Metro. If you decide to take the Metro or the Bus from the Airport towards the city centre, you will need to buy a ticket before boarding.

Metro (underground): The cheapest, fastest and more convenient way to move around Athens, is to use the Metro. The Metro ticket* costs 1.40 Euros (Except when going to / coming from the Airport, in that case the ticket costs 8.00 Euros). There are also group ticket discounts available (2 people 14.00 Euros, 3 people 20 Euros, etc.). There are return tickets available as well valid for 1 week. The return ticket for one person valid for one week will cost you 14.00 Euros. Take the (Blue line) which will take you directly to the city centre in approximately 45' (Syntagma Square) and continue for another two stations to Kerameikos metro station.

Buses: (From the Airport) If you decide to take the bus from the airport you will need to buy a ticket before boarding. There is a small ticket office at the bus station, once you get outside the Arrivals area. The bus will take you all the way to the city centre and terminate at Syntagma Square where you will have to take the Metro (Blue line) towards Egaleo (westbound). You will need to get off at the second stop which is the Kerameikos station.

(Within Athens) If you want to take the bus and travel around Athens you will need to buy a ticket before boarding the bus. In Athens there are little kiosks almost everywhere, most of them open 24/7 that sell tickets (among other goodies, such as drinks, chocolates, cigarets, magazines, newspapers, etc.). Once you are on the bus, there are machines available to validate your ticket. The ticket costs 1.40 Euros and it is valid for 70 minutes going any direction, change busses, and use the Metro if you like (The 1.40 Euros ticket is not valid to go to / return from the Airport)

Taxi rates: Taxis are available right outside the Arrivals area at the airport. A taxi will cost you about 40.00 Euros to get to a hotel close to the venue, depending on the traffic. Even though taxis are a quick, safe and an easy option we recommend using the Metro from the airport which will not be subject to any traffic delays. In Athens, it is highly recommended to download and use the mobile aplication TaxiBeat. TaxiBeat allows you to find a taxi right away, at any time of the day or during the night.

*: All tickets are valid for 70 minutes. Within that time, you may change between Metro lines heading towards any direction and you may also use the bus with the same ticket. It doesn't matter if you use the same ticket as a return ticker as well, as long as it is within the 70 minutes time-limit.

The location of the venue on the map:

There are 3 train lines in Athens (Red, Green, Blue). The Blue line is the one to/from the airport. You can change between the Red and the Blue lines at Syntagma Square. All Metro lines in Athens are marked by this sign:
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