Call for Presentations

Security BSides Athens 2025


Call for Presentations (CFP)

If you are interested in presenting at Security BSides Athens 2025 you need to submit the abstract* of your talk to our CFP form. The event and the talks will be held in English. Use this form to submit your talk/workshop: Submission Form

Important Dates:
We are planning to open the CFP on [TBA].

Stay Tuned for any last minute date changes.
• CFP Opens: [TBA]
• CFP Closes: [TBA]
• Talks List: [TBA]

Our Review Committee will carefully review the content of the abstracts and rate each talk received. Concequently, the talks that will make it to the event will be the result of a fair voting. That way, the selection process will be kept fair for anyone who wants to submit a talk (or Workshop).

To submit a Talk you must send
(20min talks + 5'min Q&A)
We have done our research at several conferences and the participants tend to enjoy presentations that do not exceed 30 minutes in length. The presenter tend to stick to the matter at hand, and there is more time to fit more talks and breaks!

• Title of your talk
• Abstract summarising your talk (max. 350 words)
• Short Bio⚚ (max. 150 words)
• Name or Nickname or Twitter Handle (to appear on 'speakers list')
• Have you presented the same talk before? (If Yes, where?)
• Portait Photo or avatar (min. 250x250 pixels) (Optional)
• Twitter Handle (Optional)

Submitting a Workshop
(1-2 hours workshops)
There is a possibility to be able to fit a couple workshops* on the day. However, this is something that will be decided based on the workshop suggestions/submissions we receive.

• Title of your Workshop
• Abstract summarising your Workshop (approx. 300-500 words)
• Short Bio⚚ (max. 150 words)
• Any specific requirements for the workshop? (e.g. servers setup)
• What participants' must have? (e.g. laptop, OS, cables, etc.)
• If accepted; 1-2 pages notes for workshop participants.
• Name or Nickname or Twitter Handle (to appear on 'speakers list')
• Have you delivered the workshop before? (If Yes, where?)
• Portrait Photo or avatar (min. 250x250 pixels) (Optional)
• Twitter Handle (Optional)

Small print:

• We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. We are a vendor-neutral conference and any sponsorships received are under the agreement of supporting the Security BSides Athens initiative, by making it available to the security community. If your presentation involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not submit. In addition, we do not accept presentations submitted by third-parties including (but not limited to) company representatives, management bureau’s, etc. Security BSides Athens presentations should be focused on topics that are of interest to (cyber)security / technology professionals, researchers, enthusiasts, who are paying attention to the current trends and emerging issues. We are committed in keeping Security BSides Athens informative, educational and entertaining to the attendees and the community.

Important Info:

* Please note that the conference will be held in the English language.

All submissions, such as abstracts and workshops, must be in English.

⚚ If more than one speakers on stage (presenters), please send the details for each one.

+ Download our Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) from our website to find information about the conference on the spot, have real-time access to the track schedule and directions on how to the get to the venue from the moment you land in Athens. For this event #goPaperless by downloading the mobile application suitable for your phone and tablet!

Please Note:

• This year, there will also be a couple of slots available in a separate "rookie track", for people who would like the opportunity to present a talk but do not feel comfortable presenting in English (contact our CFP email for more info).


• If you would like to give a 15 minutes lightning talk (only in English) contact our CFP email with a short description (approx. 200 words) on what would you like to talk about. This will allow us to make arrangement in our schedule.

Topics of interest:
Preference is given to talks that are up-to-date, innovative, provide solutions as well as insight to problems.

• (anti)Forensics and Incident Response
• Application Security
• Biometrics / Identity and Access Management
• Cloud Security
• Compliance / Regulations / Standards / Risk Man
• Critical Infrastructure Security / Mission Critical Systems
• CyberSecurity
• Data Breaches for Stock Market Manipulation
• Database Security

• DDoS Extortion / Botnets / CEO Fraud / Compliance Extortion
• Ethical Hacking / Security Projects & Tools
• Firewalls / VPN / UTM
• Hardware Security
• Healthcare Security
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Malware Analysis & Techniques
• Maritime Security
• Mobile Security
• National Security / CyberDefense
• Network Infrastructure
• Network Security / Monitoring

• Offense and Exploitation
• Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)
• Penetration Testing
• Physical Security
• Privacy & Issues
• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
• Security Management
• Transportation Hacking (Car, Bus, Airplanes, Ships, etc.)
• VoIP Security
• Vulnerability Scanners
• Web Application Security
• Wireless Security

*(If your subject is not on the list but you believe is relevant, please do submit and we'll be glad to consider it!)