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Security BSides Athens 2017
   bsidesath.gr > Extras > CTF Friday, 19 January 2018  
  Security BSides Athens 2017  
CTF Scenario
You are a security consultant at a large organisation. Your CEO, in a recent trip abroad decided to buy a cool gadget and bring it back to the office. This gadget is allegedly a “smart-safe” that the owner is able to lock/unlock it, through the use of a smartphone. Unfortunately, the CEO locked the smart-safe and got the smartphone destroyed (dropped in water). The CEO is now panicking because it is very important to get the smart-safe opened again and asks every security consultant in the firm if they can help by “hacking” the smart-safe, forcing it to open.

Do you think you can help your CEO by getting the smart-safe to open? (Go To: Track 3 to play!)

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